Welcome to Trenton2Philly Hoops


If you are reading this, let me be the first to say congratulations, you are reading entry number one of what is soon to be plenty of stories on this website. My name is Austin Petolillo and welcome to Trenton2Philly Hoops!

Having been on the Philly hoops scene for the past year and three quarters, I can say confidently that there is no better sports community than the one located right here in our neck of the woods, thanks to a surplus of talented players and down-to-earth personalities from the players, coaches, staff and others.

My main intention for this website is to deliver the best possible coverage of College Basketball across the Delaware Valley, ranging from Division-I, to Division-III, New Jersey to Pennsylvania, Mercer County to Philadelphia County, Trenton to Philly.

Game recaps, feature stories, in-depth interviews, season previews, tournament previews, game previews, all the good stuff, you will find it here at Trenton2Philly Hoops.

The 2018-19 season should be a fun one to cover. I look forward to beginning this journey with all of you and I am extremely excited to bring you the best possible coverage of the great local college basketball scene!


Austin Petolillo


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